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The 5 Best Lip Glosses for Fuller and Plumper Lips

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Lip gloss is a unique makeup product that comes in many different shades that can suit any fashionista’s style. Unlike lipstick, lip gloss reflects and absorbs light which naturally enhances your lips. Lip gloss has evolved since the 90s. Modern lip glosses add moisture without being sticky.

Best Foundations for Each Skin Type

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Finding the right foundation is one of the most important parts of any makeup routine. Foundation covers flaws and imperfections while providing an even base for the rest of your makeup. However, no foundation is one-size-fits-all.

Everything to Know About Flying Private

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Flying has become extremely popular in recent decades. With an increase in people taking to the air for transportation, flights have become more cost effective over time. However, airplanes and airports have also become more and more packed with people over time, too.

3 Matte Lipsticks You Should Own Already

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Depending on what brand you are buying your lipstick from, you may find yourself tearing up a bit while you swipe your debit card. Other times, you may feel good knowing you only spent five dollars, but end up disappointed by the color payoff.

Must Have Lipsticks to Own This Year

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All women crave one thing when it comes to their lipstick. They want it to be flawless. Many think that flawless lips are hard to achieve but in reality, they’re not. All you have to do is find a color that pops, a lipstick that glides on smoothly, and a product that stays put no matter what activity you’re doing.

How to Book Last Minute Hotels Like a Pro

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Your budget should always be your first concern when you travel. Whether you are interested in luxury or affordable traveling, you probably enjoy getting good deals and saving money where you can. One of the things that many travel industry experts warn against is booking last minute, whether it is hotels, flights, or transportation.

Get a Deal on Business Class Seats

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Travel expenses add up quickly, and the two largest expenses for most travelers are airfare and lodging. If you’re a budget-conscious traveler, it’s tempting to stick to economy seats when you fly, as these are much less expensive than seats in business class and first class.